warehouse-rendering-pullups_1OC ThrowDown equipment configuration shown in a 3D environment

OC ThrowDown Event Address

17662 Armstrong ave.

2010-oc-crossfit-throwdown-schedule Here are the start times for the mens and womens divisions. This is an estimate. Actual start times may change slightly. Please refer back to this site on Friday and Saturday night for any changes. Individual heat times will be given at check in time on Saturday at 7am.

Also please make note that SPECTATOR TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR. But save some money and buy them online. Event t-shirts will also be sold at the event.

Saturday, January 9th

WOD 1 – “exponential”

OC ThrowDown WOD #1 from Justin Flynn on Vimeo.

7 rounds for time;

5 squat clean thruster

10 toes to bar

(each round, the weight for the thruster increases by 10#, it is the athletes responsibility to change the weight per round, clips and weights will be provided; toes to bar is part of shoe touching the bar starting from a dead hang; thruster starting weight for guys is 95# increasing to 155# by 7thround, gals starting weight is 45# increasing to 105# by 7th round) ( Intermediate/Masters Men 95-125(5# increase), Women/Masters 45-85#(only 5# increase)

WOD 2“unbroken”

OC ThrowDown WOD #2 from Justin Flynn on Vimeo.

For time;

20 unbroken chin ups

Row 500 m

20 unbroken chin ups

Row 500 m

20 unbroken chin ups

(If an athlete breaks the chin ups or fractions them by coming off the bar at any point in the 20 reps, they have to start at 0 again, rowers damper and foot setting is up to athlete. Chin MUST PASS THE VERTICAL PLANE OF THE BAR TO COUNT. The standards OPT used for the Canadian qualifiers will be used here. Check out this link (watch the “Jackie” wod) All pullups including Butterfly will be held to this standard. Make sure you are doing this before coming on Saturday. Judges will be strict. Womens Rxd will need to complete minimum 10 on first go and then no less than 5 on second attempt.) (Intermediate Mens and womens will need to complete minimum 5 unbroken per 20. NO FRACTIONS BELOW 5.)

Sunday, January 10th

WOD 3- “los dos”

OC ThrowDown WOD #3 from Justin Flynn on Vimeo.

5 rounds:

45 sec AMRAP Dead Lift – 225#/155#

Rest 15 sec

45 sec AMRAP Burpees

Rest 15 sec

(Total reps are athletes’ score. Burpees need to be done with an upright torso, no muted hips and a visible jump off the ground must occur)

(Intermediate/Masters Mens 185#, Womens 120#)

After 3rd WOD there will be an elimination and only the top 35 men and 15 women will advance to the 4th WOD.

WOD 4- “finale”

OC ThrowDown WOD #4 from Justin Flynn on Vimeo.

5 min max clean in lbs; rest 0 sec

5 min Cindy (chest-bar pullups) for total reps; rest 0 sec

5 min row calories

Total score = max 1RM weight lifted in lbs + total reps in 5 min Cindy + total cals in 5 min rowed (i.e. 285# + 240 reps (8 rounds) + 100 cals = score of 625 score)

Highest score wins…! Athlete is responsible for putting weights on and off.

(Only Rxd Men will be required to do C-B pullups)


Click Here: Layout of OC Throwdown

-Athlete Check in time is 7am on Saturday regardless of heat and start time. Here you will get your heat # which will tell you your start times for all 4 WODs.

-Judges/volunteers check in is 6am on Saturday. Sunday is 7:30am

-If you cannot complete the prescribed weights do not worry. You will still compete as normal but with weights that allow you to finish the wod. You just wont be in contention for a trophy.

-Videos detailing the standards and points of performance coming by tomorrow morning.

-Address of event:

17662 Armstrong avenue

Irvine, CA

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-Please carpool if possible as parking will be limited. Also bring all necessary supplies, tape, water, snacks, food, chalk, etc. There is no liquor store or bank nearby so please bring cash for the vendors. There will be an excellent caterer grilling mexican style chicken, and vegetables over a huge BBQ. Paleo friendly.