First off I apologize for the late post but I was in an airport nearly all day yesterday and didnt get in till very late.

So Im on the plane last night flying somewhere over the Rocky Mountains and I am reading Outdoor Magazine which I usually like. However they had an article on training titled “12 week body transformation.”  As usual I am pretty skeptical about these mens magazines articles and this one did not let me down. Week 1 started with a mandatory trip to your physician to consult him on whether or not an intense excercise program was ok for you. Week 2-4 began with a cardio phase which meant getting on the spin bike whirling around or treadmill and running in place for 30 minutes. This was all in order to build up the “cardioresperatory” part of the body. Week 5-8 was dedicated to “strength building” which consisted of typical bodybuilder type slow and go bodybuilder type of isolation excercises, 3 sets of 10 you know the routine because thats how you all trained at one point, yes including me. Week 9-12 was focused on putting all the blocks together and using your newfound fitness. So I think one of us needs to write Outdoor and invite them to a CrossFit workout with us. After we finish the Filthy Fifty we can ask the author (if hes still on his feet and his lips arent lifeless and blue)  if he wants to jump on the stationary bike for his 15 minutes of cardio afterwards.  

Is not the point of fitness to become fitter. A good fitness program lets us quantify our results. No other fitness program does this. Our method is measurable and observable. CrossFit is a program that develops competance, capability, even dominace outside the gym.  We are an open source model for all to see and critique.  Through our times on the WODs we show irrefutiable data that we are becoming fitter. 

Our OCC Games our coming up guys. By competing again in Fran, and Helen and Tabata rowing we will be able to see how much fitter you have become over the last eight weeks. So get fired up and lets destroy your old times. 


Rest Day today. If you have missed any of our WODs from this this week than just choose one from our archives and make sure to post to comments. 


See you all on Friday.