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Drink up!

We all do it, and some more than others, especially if  you work as hard as we do at OCCF. Im talking about sweating, your body’s natural thermal regulator. Some people glow while others flat out FLOW! In fact, its not uncommon for some athletes to lose an excess of 10 lbs in water weight between “3,2,1… GO” and “TIME!” Thats why its imperative for you to properly hydrate before, during and after the WOD. During a workout , a 2-6% (of body weight) fluid loss is common. And even a 1% loss raises your core body temperature and impairs performance. At 3% you experience a loss of coordination, blurred vision and an inability to think clearly. At 7% a decreased ability to regulate heat and at 10% loss, heat stroke and finally unconciousness. When you sweat, you also lose electrolytes which are salts (ions) responsible for the body’s normal electrical function.  These consist of Potassium (responsible for blood pressure and heart function), Sodium, Chloride (blood pressure, blood volume and muscle function) and Magnesium (heart rhythm and protein synthesis).  These can all be replenished by consuming carbohydrates and electrolyte dense substances.  We, being Paleo proponents, recommend replenishing these carbs through food (ie: fruit) and lots of water over sugary sports drinks.  Cold water is best, the body will better utilize water the faster it empties the stomach.  Larger or colder volumes of fluid empty the stomach quicker and are more readily absorbed by the small intestine. We strongly recommend that you bring a water bottle or canister with you to class for convenience. Although we do provide water and cups, nothing is worse that waiting in line for a 4 oz cup of water trying to recover and breathe with cottonmouth!

So DRINK UP!  Your health and Fran time depends on it!

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  1. JMF – Just a thought. I know alot of our members travel for work/vacation and hit up local boxes. I thought it might be nice to have a list of places our members would recommend if we happen find ourselves in that city. Not trying to make more work for you but something to keep on the back burner.

    1. I’ve been to a few: Crossfit Central and Crossfit Austin in Austin, TX, Crossfit Gambit in St. Louis, Crossfit Shifted in Palm Desert, and I used to belong to Crossfit Hollywood when I lived in LA. I’ve found that all boxes are welcoming to drop-ins, but you should definitely call or email ahead of time to make sure they can accommodate you. Some charge a drop in fee, others don’t. I typically buy a shirt from every gym I drop into, just to say thanks for the WOD and the hospitality. I recommend everyone drop in on other boxes when they get the chance. It’s cool to see how others boxes are setup, how they program and even how they warm up. Its always fun to test your fitness level against new blood, even though I’ve found I’m usually not at my best when traveling. Plus it will give you a great appreciation for the amazing community, coaching and facility at OCCF.

    2. Definitly, I am back and forth to Phoenix often to check on biz over there. I have visited East Valley Crossfit over there recently to get my WoD on. What would be really awesome is if there was a way traveling member can report back on the experience and it be posted here on a blog page, so members know what they may encounter at boxes abroad.

      East Valley Crossfit, for example, was very powerlifting oreinted, there board looked like they didn’t do much for met-cons. It looked like a powerlifting gym that has embraced crossfit to bring in members. Still, very nice people, enjoyed the experience.

      1. My good friend Brian Kunitzer owns Crossfit Magna in Scottsdale. He’s Made Regionals the last couple of years, and is a legit coach. Also, if anyone is ever in Park City, my best friend Mike Lynch, who has dropped in on OCCF a couple of times, just opened up Crossfit Park City Old Town with Spealler. Same story, Regionals athlete, legit coach. Dropping my name will either get you a warm welcome or a kick in the balls as these guys have been dealing with my unique personality for a long time.

  2. At an absolute minimum, CrossFit athletes need to be consuming one half ounce of water per pound of bodyweight. So a 200lbs CrossFit athlete should consume no less that 100oz of water daily. Again, that is the minimum. Optimal would be approximately one ounce per pound of bodyweight. 200lbs=200oz. Check the chart in the link below to see if you’re hydrated, based on your urine color.


  3. What are people’s thoughts on PH balance of water? Does it matter or is it just marketing?

  4. Ph is a marketing tactic, I’ve seen “Penta water” use that as an angle, it all comes down to quantity, like Jon said. And Stauff, studies have shown that a beer after a WOD is actually beneficial and helps with recovery!

    1. I’d love to see the justification on that! Because I’d love to chug a cold IPA after a WoD, I could understand the carbs from malted barley, but isn’t alcohol technically a poison which does not contribute to athletic performance?

      1. Will, your trainer just told you it’s good to drink beer. Don’t question the science, embrace it.

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