Can women do CrossFit?  Sure they can!!


Now, more than ever our lives are pulled in so many directions. Its hard to find time to make a difference in our own lives, let alone someone else’s. Work, or lack of work, stress, money, family, friends, commitments, responsibilities, and all those things that make up our daily lives take up most of our time.  We find ourselves saying “I would do that if I didn’t have <<insert excuse here>>” as reason why we just dont have time to get in shape, or to change the lackluster training routine that we are in now. Getting healthy is sometimes the hardest choice for people to make. As if things couldn’t get any harder…. Now  lets add being a woman to the mix. Lets face it fitness and exercise is still a mans world. I will speak for myself just so you understand. Last time I did a triathlon there were 5 women compared to 33 men, my bicycling group consists of 75% men, when I used to go to 24 Hour Fitness there would maybe be 2-3 women lifting weights. There are some exceptions to the rule (yoga, aerobics, etc.) but I know how you feel when you walk into the gym with the plan to lift some weights and do some leg extensions but end up on the tread mill because there were too many guys in the weight area and you didn’t feel like looking like a dork. Those machines are the comfort zone for most women as well as the wheelchair. Machines as you will find our so inferior to using and moving your own bodyweight through space. Balance, coordination, agility, accuracy are all skills improved through calistenthics and using free wieghts. In addition most women find working out with weights by themselves daunting. Before I found CrossFit I would read about a wokout routine in SHAPE and then do it for weeks and weeks at the gym until it became ineffective and boring. In CrossFit we do a new workout every day. WE NEVER REPEAT A WORKOUT! Every day is something new that not only keeps the body from hitting a dreaded plateau but also keeps things fun. Keeping up with an exericise routine is hard enough. Keeping it enjoyable is key. That is a huge reason why CrossFit is so popular with the women in our gym.

CrossFit IS making a difference. But don’t take my word for it, we asked a few of the girls from Orange Coast CrossFit what their definition of CrossFit was and just by reading their definitions you can see the difference it has made for them.

FAQ: We have had many question the validity of our bodyfat tests. Our tests were conducted using a Hydrostatic dunk tank from the company Fitness Wave based in Irvine, CA. These tanks are 99% accurate and are the best tool out there for measuring BF% levels.

Jill’s Story


In 6 weeks I went from 19% bodyfat to 13.5% bodyfat!
Before CrossFit I did the whole gym thing, kickboxing and spin, and then I started running and coaching first time marathon runners. But marathon training is not sustainable and overuse injuries are very common. CrossFit has put me on a whole new path and I just got certified to teach CrossFit because I believe it has the ability to change lives.
Orange Coast Crossfit is defined by it’s phenomenal coaches and inspiring members.  I am honored to be among them.
I started Crossfit with Orange Coast in November 2009, and within three months I went from an exhausted, weak, flabby sugar addict to a happy mommy, with energy, and muscles! I can do real pull ups, and I’m running faster than ever – without knee pain! I’m a better wife, too ;) I’ve also become even more educated about food, and I am able to fuel my body without cravings or inconvenience. I feel so liberated, and it may sound cheesy, but seriously – it has changed my life!

The effects of proper training and nutrition have spilled over in to every area of my life, and I have never felt closer to fully living the life that God intended. And I know I haven’t even scratched the surface…My mission now is to make sure that any woman who wants it can have this same success. Forget marathon coaching – let’s start life changing!

Pinky’s Story


When I started with Orange Coast CrossFit I weighed 135# and was 25% bodyfat. One year later and I am at 116# and 13.6% bodyfat. I lost 19 pounds and over 11% bodyfat and my jeans are falling off my waist for the first time.


“CrossFit makes you feel like you are a part of something special. You are amongst people who push themselves to their limits, and people who have the ability to finish something strong and never quit. Justin Flynn and his group of trainers are as professional as they come.”

Paula’s Story

paula-in-bathing-suit-after-emma-was-bornThis was me a few years ago. Lots of running and bootcamp was not returning the results that I was looking for. I heard about CrossFit from my hairdresser and I called Justin right away. After getting my butt kicked during an intro workout I knew this was the real deal. Nine months later and I am fitter at age 46 than I was back in college.


When I started with CrossFit I was 18.5% bodyfat. Today I am 12.6% and stronger than I ever thought possible.


“I like making friends with people who have like minds about working out and living healthy and get the same pumped up feeling that I get from CrossFit.  Justin Flynn has helped me become a more balanced athlete.  I have seen big improvement in all aspects of my fitness thanks to all my girlfriends and each day I look forward to the next WOD.”

Melanie’s Story


This photo was me not too long before I started with Orange Coast CrossFit. I was doing the same routines and not really getting the results that I wanted. A friend of mine from work told me about this crazy workout program called CrossFit and thats what piqued my interest and I decided to give OCC a try. After the first workout I was hooked. I was sore in places I didnt even know existed and right away I knew that this place was the real deal. Within just a few months I started seeing some nice changes in my body and my energy levels much higher.


Went from 21% bodyfat to 12% with the Orange Coast CrossFit program

The photo above is me in April 2010 at a CrossFit competition in Lake Forest. Our gym OCC competed against other CrossFit gyms from all around Southern California. We had to do three workouts in one day and it was brutally hard but such an incredible experience. I look forward to doing many more of these in the future.

Justin Flynn and Orange Coast CrossFit have made a positive impact on my life in many ways. I have always been somewhat athletic, exercised on a regular basis but never thoroughly enjoyed my workouts. It has been nearly 1 year  since I joined OCC and I can honestly say that I am hooked, better yet addicted! I am seeing muscles in places I never thought I could have muscles; I am physically stronger and happier than I have ever been. When I first began Crossfit the more challenging exercises intimidated me, now I look forward to the more difficult WOD′s. CrossFit is both a mental and physical game and I truly believe that is what makes the workouts so enjoyable. Justin and CrossFit have taught me that a positive mind can push your body far beyond everyday limits and I have recently removed the phrase “I can′t from my workout vocabulary. Justin has been an inspirational leader and coach for all athletes, without his constant motivation and dedication; OCC would not be the successful facility that it is today. I look forward to each day′s workout and the family of athletes that has developed here at OCC. Many thanks to Justin for his knowledge, motivation and dedication to making OCC the best facility ever!

0221I am seeing muscles in places I never thought I could have muscles; I am physically stronger and happier than I have ever been. When I first began Crossfit the more challenging exercises intimidated me, now I look forward to the more difficult workouts. CrossFit is both a mental and physical game and I truly believe that is what makes the workouts so enjoyable. Justin Flynn and CrossFit have taught me that a positive mind can push your body far beyond everyday limits and I have recently removed the phrase “I can′t from my workout vocabulary.

Aly’s Story

aly-before-and-afterAly before finding CrossFit and 1.5 years later. Down to 12% bodyfat.

Aly Willier, now is one of the Orange Coast CrossFit top trainers. In the video above she knocks out a 110# overhead squat for 13 reps.



I’ve heard it all: “I don’t want to try it cause I will get big and bulky”, “CrossFit looks hard core”, “I can’t lift those heavy barbells”…..

I’m here to clear some of those myths up for you. I don’t have to tell you that CrossFit won’t make you big and bulky because I can show you. Just look at the testimonies on this site, look through some of the blog posts, and scan through some of the pictures in the gallery, you will see story after story and picture after picture of people losing weight and getting in shape and none of the women look like American Gladiators. Even I’ve lost over 30 lbs., so if anything we are getting smaller. When people tell me something seems hard core it translates into “I’ve never done that before”. There are elements of CrossFit that might be new to you but I am sure most of it is not. We run, we jump on boxes, we do pushups, we throw balls in the air, we do some pull-ups, we row on a rowing machine, and we do lunges too. These are all things you probably did on the playground in elementary school and the last time I checked elementary school was not hard core. Lifting heavy bar bells may be hard core to you and you may not be able to lift a 45lb bar right when you come to the gym but you’re not alone. Even the fittest women you know can’t do a pull-up. At Orange Coast CrossFit we have several bars that don’t weigh that much so you can start at your own level. We have rubber bands that you put under your feet to assist you in doing pull-ups and you gradually work to a lighter band at your own pace. Everything that we do at the gym can be modified to your fitness level and you have a team of people there to help you through the entire process.

The first time I came to the gym within 2 minutes of being there several people came over and introduced themselves to me and struck up conversations. For my first work out I had 2 coaches and an entire team of people cheering me on and giving me tips. We record all of our results and keep track of our workouts so we can see our improvements over time. And everyday is a different workout. Now that is really different from 24 Hour Fitness. I can’t tell you how many years I went to the gym and worked out on the machines for 30 minutes and got on the treadmill for another 30 minutes. I would spice it up a bit and throw in 30 minutes on the bicycle, woooo!

So when are you going to make a difference in your life? Who knows, it might be fun! Stop by the gym and spice up your workout!

Check out these videos of some awesome women doing CrossFit.